Guidance for Tenants

Please note that we are not lawyers. While any advice given here is done so after careful research and in good faith, we nevertheless strongly advise that you seek legal advice (links below) before pursuing any action.

Residents' Association 2015 leaflet - Where To Get Advice About Your Rent Or Tenancy

If your tenancy was entered into before 15th January 1989, then you are probably protected by a regulated tenancy under the Rent Acts. This gives enhanced rights as far as security of tenure and levels of rent. Read Grainger's take on this.

If your tenancy was entered into after 15th January 1989, then you will inevitablly have an assured or assured shorthold tenancy.

While the date in which your tenancy commenced will reflect the rent laws that were operational at the time, there will, inevitably on an estate as old as Moorpool, and with changes of landlord over the years, be many differing terms within those defining statutes. In other words, the terms under which you rent your home may differ from those of your neighbour. This variation also applies to the estate convenants entered into by leaseholders and freeholders..

In a case where there is uncertainty or dispute, such as levels of rent, timing of reviews, or responsibility for repairs, your first point of reference must be your tenancy agreement, which will lay down the rights and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant.

Useful Links

  • Rent Assessment Committees (Fair Rents)

  • The Residential Property Tribunal Service

  • Citizen's Advice Bureau (Prvate Sector Tenancies)

  • Communities and Local Government (Regulated Tenancies)

  • The Rent Acts Maximum Fair Rent Order 1999

  • Electrical Safety Council
    The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) is an independent charity committed to reducing deaths and injuries through electrical accidents at home and at work. We are supported by all sectors of the electrical industry as well as local and central government and work to promote safety and good practice. The website includes guides to safety in the home, finding an electrician, and landlords guide to electrical safety.

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